Migrating from elsewhere to call iGOTASTi home. I paid off the car November 2015 and its time to start making it mine.

I got engaged on December 29th, wedding marked for December 3rd, 2016 - In case you are the sappy type - Enjoy.

Key to my build:
Red = Installed
Black = Purchased, Awaiting Installation
Blue = Need to Buy
Grey = Sold

Will include links to item when applicable, and my own DIY when I have created them.

Currently how the car looks as of 11/5/15


Form > Function
Blacked-out Headlight Housing - Complete
Yellow Tinted DRL Housing - Complete
Smoked Amber and Reflector - Complete
Wrapped Gloss Black 3M Roof - Complete
Nameless License Plate Delete - Complete
GrimmSpeed License Re-locator Kit
- Complete
WRX ISM Trunk Swap (Wingless)
- Complete
STi Trunk Re-badge
- Complete
COBB Trunk Re-badge
- Complete
COBB Alternator Cover - Purchased from Infamous Performance, Arrives Tuesday
STi Front Re-badge
- Complete
COBB Front Re-badge
- Complete
Grillcraft Lower Mesh Grille
- Complete
Grillcraft Mid Mesh Grill
- Complete
Grillcraft Scoop Mesh Grill - RallySportDirect
STANCE|WORKS Rear Banner - Complete
WORK Wheels Front Banner
- Complete
/r/subaru Die-cut
- Complete
JDM Black STi Fender Ornament - SMY Performance
LED Blinker Module in Fender -
Rally Armour Mud Flaps - Complete
STi Stenciled Intercooler - Complete
Plasti-dipped Rear License Plate Accent
- Complete
HT Auto Ground Trim Kit - SMY Performance
VS Style Poly Lip and Side Skirts - HPT Motorsports
WORK Wheels XT-7 18x8.5 +38 - SOLD
WORK Wheels XT-7 Bronze 18x9.5 +38 - Purchased, Pick up Sunday
WORK Wheels Center Caps (Red) - Waiting for Summer
WORK Wheels Open-End Lugs (Bright Blue) - Waiting for Summer
Windows Tinted (28%) - Complete
Perrin Stubby
- Complete

Function > Form
Morimoto LED Fog Light Kit - Complete
Hella Horns, Custom Bracket
- Complete
THULE Square Bars, 52"
- Complete
THULE Sonic Large Cargo Box (On for Winter Sports)
- Complete
THULE Fairing (Off for Winter Sports, Doesn't play nice with Box)
Rocky Mounts Bike Carrier (Off for Winter Sports) - Waiting for Summer
Bridgestone Blizzak Winters - Complete
Ventus V2 Performance Tires (Off for Winter)
Whiteline 24mm Front Sway - Complete
Whiteline 24mm Rear Sway
- Complete

Interior Design
IN.FOCUS Red Bride Shift-Boot - Complete
IN.FOCUS Red Bride E-Brake Boot
- Complete
Custom Fabbed iPad Mini 2 Radio Bezel (In Production, Receive it back Friday, February 12th)
Blocked-off Center HVAC - Complete
OEM All-weather Mats - Complete
WORK Wheels Neck Pads/Headrests
- Complete
WORK Wheels Sunshade
- Complete

Pioneer Single-Din HU, Hidden behind Bezel - Complete
JL C2-650x Front and Rear Speakers - Waiting for Amp
Amp (Open to Suggestions) - Crutchfield or Amazon
Mono Amp (Open to Suggestions)
- Crutchfield or Amazon
Sub (Open to Suggestions)
- Crutchfield or Amazon
Sound Deadening Materials
- Crutchfield or Amazon
SMY Dual Gauge Cluster
- SMY Performance

COBB Catted Downpipe - Complete
COBB Accessport V3
- Complete
OEM SPT Catback
- Complete
COBB Catback - COBB
COBB Intake + Airbox - Complete
COBB Turboshield
- Complete
COBB Flex Fuel - COBB
COBB Stage 3 Kit
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Current project is the iPad Mini 2 LTE install.

I was running the Pioneer NEX5000 CarPlay Double-Din and decided it was STILL outdated compared to every other device in our lives.

So in order to easily make this happen, i purchased my iPad Mini 2 Slider Mount from SoundmanCA. This is a great custom audio shop in California. They offer these for $250 each.

iPad mini 1,2,3 SIDE SLIDER

The nice thing about this entire install, is that I will be able to go back to stock very very easily when I sell the car (aside from all my other goodies of course :))

The quality of the Slider Mount is UNREAL. They have mass produced them and include magnets on the back side to keep the iPad snapped in nicely. SoundmanCA did an incredible job with the production run. Very impressed.

Very excited to get the radio bezel with the mount installed back from a local fab shop here in Boulder, CO.

Link to the shop on Yelp - absolutely custom car audio boulder co

I will update with photos as soon as I get the bezel back. I can't wait - also it was very affordable. I will disclose entire price following the conclusion of the project. Very happy with progress thus far.


Purchased JDM Radio Bezel
Purchased SoundmanCA Mini 2 Slider Mount
Purchased Pioneer Single Din HU

Custom fabbed harness to move the single din as far back as possible into the firewall.

This will allow for my radio bezel with the fabbed mount to simply sit in front of the single din unit.

I receive my bezel back from my local fab guy on Friday (I hope).

I mentioned I am blocking off the HVAC system, I will utilize tape, styrofoam, zip ties to keep all air moving to the side vents.

Current photo of radio bezel below:



You might be able to notice that the Headunit is set back deep into the slot. I used a dremel to cut away any extra plastic material from the harness provided by Crutchfield.

If I have calculated and measured everything correctly, I will simply plug in the lightning cable, snap in the iPad, place the bezel back in place and fire it all up.

How the whole system will actually work:
Bluetooth connection to Headunit for iPhone 6s for phone calls
Wired Lightning connection to iPad Mini 2 for iPad use
PAC SWI-RC Steering Wheel System for OEM Steering Wheel use
Car is back in the body shop to fix the front bumper that suffered two different bump and runs.

Will be very nice to have a complete car back with no blemishes! Once I get the iPad Mini in, the car will be complete until the summer!
Sprung for used WORK Wheels XT-7s 18x9.5 +38 today .. Retail therapy, the Man's way.

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So my fab guy didn't have the radio bezel complete for me today .. so so sad :(

Sounds like I will have it complete sometime early next week.

Figured out the GoPro and DLSR set up to do a quick walkthrough of the entirety of the modification process. Very excited!

After buying the WORK Wheels (used) of course - i am now depleted of my budget. No more car parts for awhile sadly.

I will update sometime next week with a sneak peek of the iPad mounted into the dash and then will release a video walk-through of the modification process.

Happy President's Weekend!


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Can't wait to see this all done.

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Nice, cant wait to see that installed. Bummer for the delay though
Spent some time with the camera and new LED light last night. Came out nice I think! Need to master my photoshop skills.


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Just posted that. ;)


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Anytime. ??

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STill Plays With Toys!
What is your IG name? Will post on there also [MENTION=5731]jackhossross[/MENTION].

And thats all i have to say about that...
Just received and installed my COBB Alternator Cover from [MENTION=4201]Infamous Performance[/MENTION].



My fab guy is now saying the end of this week .. I am getting very impatient.


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So fresh and so clean. ?

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Looking like the radio bezel might be complete tomorrow, but I received updates throughout the day today.







Excited to put it in! (thats what he said)