Ridiculous Conversations with Idiots


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I heard another few gems today that I just have to share with you:
(* Them, - Me)

* "I can't understand why that stupid militia flag is always flying with the American flag."

- "What militia flag?"

* "You know, that black POW POW MIL flag."

- "Do you mean the POW/MIA flag?"

* "Sure, I guess. I don't know why that extremist crap is allowed".

- "Well, first off, militiamen are not extremists. Secondly, that's the POW/MIA flag for Prisoners Of War and those Missing In Action."

* "Are you sure?"

- "I cannot even believe we are having this conversation right now."


* "I think I want a pistol for home defense. Not a revolver though, I want something that you don't have to do anything to make it shoot other than pull the trigger. I don't want to have to make the barrel rotate before it shoots."

- "Ummm, yeah, you might want to take a class first."


* "So I have a shotgun at home for defense. I can just sort of point it and basically kill everyone in the room cause the BBs fly all over, right?"

- "Shotguns only work that way in the movies. You actually have to aim."

* "Well maybe I'll just saw the barrel off."

- "And maybe you'll go to prison for violation of the National Firearms Act."

* "Well I'll just pump it real loud and it'll scare them away."

- "That's a terrible idea."

* "Come to think of it, I don't have any bullets for it. I should probably get some."

- " Yeah, go get some 'bullets' for it."


I am completely serious, these were first hand, face to face conversations. I can't believe these people even exist, let alone vote and have children.


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Now you know why I don't go outside!
How do you know these people?

Thanks for sharing your pain and suffering with us.

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I actually am not sure. It seems to have appeared sometime while I was on vaca I think.

What's the deal, JJ? [MENTION=1]IGOTASTi.COM[/MENTION]


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OK I feel for you I suffer 5 days a week at work as well.

The we should have a $15 minimum wage conversation is another painful conversation to have as well.

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Somedays I just say a little prayer and then check the news webs to see if there's been any sightings of an asteroid that might destroy us. Just wipe this bitch clean and start over, because it's only downhill from here. :banghead:
And this why I'll probably end up in jail after I'm truly free in ~5 months; I'll have throat punched one of these idiots you have conversations like this with.


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The urge was there, believe me. It's just not worth risking my freedom for their stupidity.

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