VA: Mach V


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Who they are:
These guys are a subaru speciality shop (although they do MINIs, BMWs and even a few EVOs). They can do anything from tuning (no personal experience with them for tuning), to routine maintenance to troubleshooting.

Where they're located:
Northern VA area, not too far from DC.

Customer Service:
Every time i've gone there, I've had to wait for at least half an hour, despite having an appointment. Its always been that the tech is "at a late lunch." Once they finally do get around to working on my car they've been extremely helpful.

I think the maintenance and mechanical knowledge they have is excellent. But from my waits in the store front, I wouldnt recommend their sales people. They're uninformed in many cases, and sometimes try to sell you unnecessary things. Basically their sales team seems to be somewhat above a typical NASIOCer. (That sounds so harsh!)
Dan (the owner) is awesome. I've interacted several times with him, both in the store and at the track. If you're dealing with Dan, then you're in good hands.

Labor has actually been quite good for me, although the prices of items is a bit high. Everything is pretty much MSRP, with little-to-no discount.

Lots of products, and they'll do pretty much anything you ask, including some fabrication. I hear Dan does engine tuning too.

Bottom Line:
I'd trust them with my car, if i'm telling them specifically what I want done. I wouldnt get items there unless they'd price match (the have done that for me in the past).
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