What car would u give your STI up for?


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How long a list do you want?

GTR (any version)
unmolested FD RX7
unmolested AE86
unmolested supra
CLK AMG 63 Black
Anything with a McLaren in front of it
918 (preferably with the 911 Turbo while-you-wait option)
Maybe a 911 turbo
anything konigsegg (spelling?)
anything pagani

Basicailly anything old and special, or anything you see near the top here:
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Am I allowed to choose a certain car, then sell it and buy a few Subarus? Can you
imagine the beast I could afford to build if I sold a Veyron?! :lol:

I've never been a huge Ferrari fan, but have always been in love with the F40.


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I'm trying to get ideas for something different not necessarily selling just a DD I want a GTR lol but my wife needs a car too I guess


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Oh, so in addittion to the STI?

Wellllllll.... Some sort of sweet diesel truck/SUV. Maybe the Toureg. It doesnt have to be diesel, i guess, but i love the fuel economy of my wife's diesel car, and i'd love to be able to tow a trailer with the STI on it. I wouldnt want some bigass thing, so i'd have to do my research on whats the smallest pickup/truck that i could pull a trailer (especially if i ever got an enclosed one). Or a two car trailer for when i get my RWD sports car to accompany the awd one ;)


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I like that descriptiveness

You can tell ive thought about it alot haha...the best part is all of that comes factory...

I do love the CTS-V. Classy, with a Corvette motor.

Yea its sick. hearing someone say something has a corvette motor is like nails on a chalkboard to me lol no offense just a pet peave of mine... it has the LSA motor which that motor is only shared with the camaro zl1. I had a guy tell me that the g8gt had a corvette motor too and i just flipped the hell out lol... (it has a l76 6.0 liter that puts out a measely 348hp versus the corvette 6.0 liter that puts out 400hp)


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Fine, fine...I'll rephrase. :banghead: Classy and makes as much power as a Z06.