Whiteline Strut Bars


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We have recently installed a set of Whiteline Strut Bars on a customers 2007 WRX.

The Front is Part # KSB599 designed for use with Large Top Mount Intercoolers. Using basic hand tools this was a breeze to install as you could imagine. The Line relocation bracket did need the whole drilled out alittle bit to go onto the bolt properly but this was no bid deal at all.


The Rear is Part # KSB511 This only requires basic hand tools as well, unless the need to enlarge the holes in the end plates as we needed too.

During install we realized the holes in the plates were not lining up with the studs of the strut tower. I contacted Whiteline to see if there was any issues reported before any modifications were made. Nothing reported, sent them pics of them not lining up. He agreed and told me to drill the holes out to needed size for fitment. Once this was done they did go right in basically with some playing around due to the seat belts being in the way.


End result the customer reported that he was very happy with the appearance of the install and even more satisfied with how the chassis felt during turns and spirited driving.