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    new guy from gainesville, va

    Hey bro! I used to live out there in gainesville my self. Right off heathcote and catharpin in that area. I drove the Red GR hatch with black windows and black wheels. Also very loud. I cant say I saw your sti around. I know there are quite a few in that area though. Also if you ever need help...
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    people are stupid !

    Man I am jealous.... I almost never get people to race me. most of the time they start to, then think better of it and back off. Ricers literally get out of my way which sucks. Only people i get fucking with me here are older M3's and M5's and Porsche Boxsters... Neither of which are worth my...
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    OC AWD meet 2012

    No I'da who these guys were. Look like class A d bags though. @35- dude I would totally be down for that.
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    OC AWD meet 2012

    lol screw you. With how much I payed for that car new it had better not be an WRX in disguise.... JJ@ that actually sounds like a good idea. The meth kit is just about to be such a head ache with all the wiring. Funny thing is I have the TMIC tapped and both the sensor and meth sprayer already...
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    OC AWD meet 2012

    I didn't lose! :( Yeah I need to tune this beast,and install the meth kit, and the bushings, and wire up the IAT sensor, and switch over too SD..... a lot of things left to do...
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    OC AWD meet 2012

    We should go this year as well grinder. Even if IGOTA cant make it we still should. As you saw I started behind him and caught up to him and then inched past him before I had to shut it down do too an SUV. Too bad I didn't have more room. That's one tard who needs a smack down, as you can see...
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    OC AWD meet 2012

    Looks like I got caught on camera being a bad bad boy.... Jump too 3:00 for it Sorry for the smacktard music
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    The IGOTASTi rear strut clunk fix

    Nice man. Also that is not nearly as complicated as I thought it would be at the start. Definitely with in reach of most do it your selfers in their garage
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    Very very true bro. Although honestly I have never had to deal with an asshole cop. At worst I get a very professional officer who gives me one or two tickets and then calls it good. Then again I am always very polite, and look like I am borrowing the car.
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    GD George's cars (Retired)

    Dude absolutely amazing. :tup:
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    Reflash Limit

    Even if the reflash process is halted half way through (I.E. your laptop crashes like mine did). Don't worry just start it back up and finish the process. When I saw my laptop go blue screen on me I pretty much shit a brick but once I started the lap top back up and just reflashed on the same...
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    GD Rehabilitating an abused bugeye

    Noooooo!!!! you make me cry Z
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    Raced a Mercedes CL/CLS

    :tup: Yeah let me know when you want to do some work on your car. I can just about everything. The only thing I cant really do is engine and tranny swap. The reason being I dont have a hoist. This up coming friday before newyears me and grinder are going to get together to work on my car so if...
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    Raced a Mercedes CL/CLS

    Sounds about right. Those CLS are actually rather slow due to high weight and relatively low power output. The AMG versions on the other hand are a different story. The AMG CLS have from 490 in one spec and the other has 540. Since it was not an AMG merc then you were looking at 388hp at the...
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    Spamby's '08 STi

    Ginder on here has the izis AOS and he just lets the drain tube drain under the car under regular driving, says he hasn't had any problems with it so far. I would image that if you just routed a long enough hose so that you could just slide a pan under the car. You would then never have to worry...