SickSpeed 118 DB loud horns

snow white

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got them on Ebay for a decent price. I had to wire them together and then wire the stock connector to the horns and add a ground. but it was not difficult and they are loud as hell!! especially compared to the stockers. i would recommend them, they look nice and are a great improvement over stock. and when you live in the city you need your horn!! i will pos pictures tomorrow


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Yes pics would be good. I need to replace the sissy horn on my car and I was looking at those. It's either that or train horns :D


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snow white

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2013-02-13_16-49-00_424.jpg2013-02-13_16-49-25_985.jpg pretty easy to install. the wiring writeup isn't much. that is because they come with a wiring diagram and instructions


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this relates to most horns, but do you think airflow through the radiator will be an issue in a track situation with them situated like that?