Tim's Twin Scroll 06 STI: Parts review, parts ordered and more parts to come


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I don't know if it's to late to give an opinion on the color schem, but I really like it. It's cool to see people who wants to stand out with different paint or schem.


I'm originally from Cali, heart of the ricers lol I used to have underglows but those broke off. I try not to add rice (race inspired) but race enhancing parts now. :)




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Ok i want to do that too... That looks great! How long did it take to do and where do you buy the marker from?


You'll waste alot of time and paint like I did if you attempt to do it with the wheels on the car. I finally got smart and needed to install new fender liners so I did it with them on my cart. I filled the negative space with the paint from the marker. I got it at Hobby Lobby but need a 2nd one; I'll be getting it from Wal Mart. If some of the paint ran over the outline, I just used a toothpick to scrape it off. I did 1 tires painting, then moved to the 2nd. By the time I got back to the 1st tire, the spillage was dry enough to scratch off or was tacky enough to scrape/grab/pull away from the outline.


Ok, my pivot bushings and exhaust hangers arrived. Here is my bushing install and review:


As for the exhaust hangers, I could of swore I already had 15mm hangers, nope :/ They're huge! lol They make the tip sit so low I now have an exhaust leak at the downpipe.



I installed my new fender liners. Both were ruined. As I did that, I painted the raised letters on my tires.



A while back I got an 04 wrx hazard button for free. It's black so it matches my center console better than my old one that was silver, painted black, but I used a circle sticker to cover the triangle.

From this:


To this:


I was so busy today I didn't get a chance to order my other parts. I think I'm going to go ahead and get BaysonR rain visors and order some gel coat from somewhere so I can start learning how to make my own parts. :)
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I got my parts ordered today:
Whiteline 27mm front swaybar
Whiteline 24mm rear swaybar
Whiteline front and rear endlinks
Super Pro cross member bushings
Super Pro steering rack bushings

They should arrive in 2 weeks. I can't wait for the transformation in agility.

I put the stock exhaust hangers back on so I can see if TiC will allow me to exchange the goliath hangers I ordered lol

I asked the wife for her opinion on what to get. LED turn signal conversion or rain visors. She chose white LED turn signals. I found a thread before that said 7443-W43-T is the bulb but I can't find the thread to reread because I can't remember if a relay is needed and if it, which one. After these mods, I don't think there is anything else expensive besides wheels, tires and fresh paint with dings filled.
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Which thickness sway bar is the rear? You put both front. :lol:


Lol so I did. Fixed it, 27 front and 24 rear.

I got aot of things today for my fiberglassing and molding. I am going to make a mold of my dome light and add a go pro mount piece into it so I can then connect an extension to have the go pro hang down to the roll bar mount location without the roll bar :)


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Cant wait for pics!


My first attempt to use body filler, then will sand and smooth it out then wax the shit out of it and attempt to make a gel coat mold, then will attempt to fiberglass it all together to make a solid dome light go pro mount :) If it fails, oh well, it's a cheap part to replace.


I got my car back from the dealership but it's been sputtering. Come to find out, they put wrx spark plugs in it. I ordered the correct ones and am taking the car back tomorrow. Subaru has already been paid so I'm not paying for them to install the plugs, they didn't do it right the first time.

OH and I checked my defi gauges for peak settings just to see how much boost I've got up since I've put 300 miles on it and it read 27psi of boost!! The fucking technician joy rided my fucking car! I showed the video I made of how I drive and what/how I came to those results. I told him I was going to do a compression test and it better come back good or we are going to have a serious talk!! He told me to bring the car back so they could swap the plugs and do a compression test.

This past Friday I did an oil change back to Rotella T6 and a compression test. 124, 126, 124, 120. Not near as even as I had hoped for at 520 miles :\ I'm going to redo #4 since it's off and the easiest to get to (fuse box is relocated). I'm still going to see if subaru will do the compression test for free. If they do, they better not give me 140-145 figures being that stock internals give those numbers. I'm ready and fueled to go straight ape shit crazy on them at this point.

I'd like to test my freon too since he told me he was going to replace it but when I went in mid progress, the ac pump was flipped instead of the line being removed.

My intake filter had fallen off and was chilling in the fender liner. I reinstalled that after adjusting the pipe away from the fender liner some. The gas pedal initially feels even less responsive now ERRR. I need to hurry up and finish this break in and get it tuned. I wonder if the wrx spark plugs is doing it though. I fixed an exhaust leak, recalibrated my wideband since it wasn't reading right and almost finished my go pro mount. I shaved down the mount and better filled in the sides as well so it wouldn't mechanically lock in the mold.
Laid the gel coat after waxing the hell out of it. I didn't use enough hardener so it took 3 days to tack instead of 3 hours lol
Laid 2 coats of fiberglass for strength.
Let that hardened for a couple days just to be sure. Then pulled the cover from the mold.

As I expected, the plug (part to be copied) didn't come out in 1 piece. I could have epoxied the gopro piece to the cover in the first place but now I might need to epoxy something to the back of it and try to get it out of the mold. You can see it in the bottom right of the last pic. I broke the mold trying to get it out so now I used clay to make a form. Once it hardens I'm going to sand it into the shape I want then try to gel over it once it's smooth and waxed. I'll use a dremel and a drill to the fiberglass part if it all works out?


I've been procrastinating on the dome light project. I ended up having to cut the attachment piece off since it wouldn't come out of the mold. I used some clay and need to add a little more then sand it all smooth then do the gel coat and fiberglass again. In other news though I did complete two other projects this weekend :)

Got the headlights done! I don't know why I didn't do this before. It looks mean!

First I preheated the oven to 220 then stuck the headlights in for 17 minutes. 15 wasn't quite long enough as the headlights were in the cold garage.

Got them apart and cleared.

Epoxied in some mesh to give a foundation for the body filler.

First coat of body filler. I filled the main hole and the 2 little holes that the reflectors clips go through.

2nd layer of filler, sanded smooth and painting the rings blue. Did 5 coats of paint and 3 coats of clear.

Untaped it and let it cure for a couple hours. I should of let it cure much longer but I needed my car to get to work today. Taped off the blue bezel and painted everything gloss black.

I let that cure for a little over an hour. When I peeled the tape off the blue portion, the tape had left imprints :\ no worries. I used 1500 and then 2000 grit sand paper since it was just a clear coat :) polished it and came our great :) Got the insert assembled and threw them back in the oven for 10 min to be able to squeeze the housing back together. Screw it back together once that was done and got this.

:) installed on the car. I will definitely be getting pics in the day.

As for the grill, I painted it black and was able to bend it around the sides and bottom portion of the opening. I didn't want it canted back sovi bent the top so it could sit vertically and give me something to screw into. This pic is before test fitting and I had to bend the top corner pieces back up and forward since the were hitting the intercooler.

Again I'll get some better pics in th day. In other news. I am now officially the VP of the AE Motorsports Car Club on the East Coast and also the NC chapter. It was founded in Germany in 2007 by a group of guys and has evolved into a huge second family in Germany. My buddy who has an M3 moved here to Ft. Bragg as well and wanted to start this chapter and I was starting a club also so we teamed up. AE stands for American European since Americans started it in Germany. We are probably going to start a SC and GA chapter as well.

Sways and the rest of the parts are hopefully being delivered this week so next weekend will probably be busy too :)


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Wow nice job! :tup: Car is looking good and I like the Go-Pro mount idea!