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Ryan's - 2004 Java Black Pearl - Subaru Impreza WRX STi
UPDATED: 6/26/2019


Engine and Drivetrain:

IAG Stage II shortblock with forged internals
Brian Crower 272 Cams
BCP x500+ (stock location) Turbocharger - Modified and reinstalled stock aluminum heat shield
No-Name Billet TGV Deletes, side feed
FIC Side-to-Top Feed Conversion Fuel Rails
FIC 1650cc Fuel Injectors, side-to-top Feed converted
Walbro 460 lt/hr Fuel Pump (E85 compatible)
Evil Energy PTFE (Teflon) Ethanol resistant fuel line kit
Tomei Type-L Fuel Pressure Regulator
NGK Iridium spark plugs (1 Step Colder)
Maddad V2 UEL Header - DEI Titanium Heat Wrap
Maddad V2 Up Pipe - DEI Titanium Heat Wrap
JDM 12mm High-Flow Oil Pump
Moroso Oil Pickup Tube
Invidia 3" Catless Downpipe with Partially Divorced Wastegate Runner
Cobb SS 3" Catback - Cobb Urethane exhaust hangers
93 Octane tune (Cobb AP V3)
Custom 3" Short Ram Intake with 3" K&N cone filter
AMR 3" Turbo Inlet Pipe - necked down to 2.4" for x500+ compressor inlet
Perrin Stealth Front Mount Intercooler, black with red boost tubes - Perrin Blow-Thru MAF Boost Tube
Synapse Engineering Synchronic Blow Off Valve (VTA config)
Perrin Lightweight Crank Pulley
Gates Timing Kit


Tokico D-spec Gas Shocks, adjustable 6-way damping (rebound)
RCE Yellow Lowering Springs
RCE Camber Plates (front)
Group-N Tophats (rear)
Cusco Strut Tower Bar with Triangle Trunk Brace (rear)
APR Strut Tower Bar (front)
Whiteline 24mm Adjustable Sway Bars (front and rear)
Whiteline Forged Aluminum Endlinks
Whiteline Urethane Sway and Endlink Bushings
Whiteline Roll Center Adjustment Kit
Whiteline Forged Aluminum Swaybar Mounts
Whiteline Gear Box Positive Shift Kit
Kartboy Front and Rear Shifter Bushings
Group-N Engine Pitch Stopp
Group-N Transmission Mount
Comp Clutch Stage 4, 6-Puck 550 lb/ft torque capacity
Drive Shaft Shop, lightweight 1-piece Carbon Fiber Drive Shaft


Hella Supertones
Stock headlights with orange reflector removed and custom interior bezel painting (semi-flat black)
Rally Armor UR Mudflaps
2007 STI V-Limited trunk lip spoiler
Custom carbon-fiber-look wrap trunk finishing (to cover factory wing holes and paint blemishes, until I get the car completely repainted)
APR Carbon Fiber front wind splitter/undertray
JDM STi Rear Spats
Rally Armor Aluminum engine skid plate/undertray
Lamin-X tint overlay, only on the crystal reverse lens of the tail lights

(Factory Spoiler is in my closet and can go back on, through the custom wrap, for track days)


Rota Grid 17x8, Gunmetal
Bridgestone RE760 Sport 235/45-17 (summer)
Bridgestone Blizzak 235/45-17 (winter)


Genuine STi floor mats
Garmin Nuvi 1490T GPS Navigation
DEFI 60mm Gauges, triple (clock) pod; Oil Temp, Boost, EGT
DEFI Link II Control Box
Pioneer DEH-6100BT Bluetooth enabled stereo head unit
Rockford Fosgate T400-2 400W RMS Amplifier (under driver's seat)
Rockford Fosgate Punch Shallow Mount 400W 10" Subwoofer in custom box (under passenger's seat)
Cobb Accessport V3
Parking Proximity System (front grill mounted sensors)
Radar/Laser Electronic Countermeasures*


Pending Modifications

'HolyCrapItsFast' Flex Fuel Kit and E85 Tunes
Whiteline Steering Rack Bushings

Whiteline Rear Diff Support Lock Bushings

Future Modifications
Custom Aero Underbody plates
Rear Underbody Diffuser

I imagine I probably forgot to add something here. The list is always growing anyway...
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Headlight BEFORE paint.jpg
Headlight AFTER paint 3.jpg
Headlight AFTER paint 2.jpg

1. Headlight with orange reflector removed, before paint.
2-3. Headlight after paint (flat satin black).
4. After the APR splitter install (support rods installed on track days only)


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Well, I finally got around to starting my member journal. The journal, and the car too, of course, are both
a constant work in progress. I think this is a good start though. What do you guys think...?

INVIDIA 3 bellmouth, partially divorced internal w.jpg


APR front strut brace.jpg

Perrin blow-thru boost tube with AEM methanol inje.jpg

Mad Dad V2 header.jpg


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Track Monkey
Do you have any install pics from the splitter? I keep meaning to try to fab up one of my own, but im curious about how APR has you install it. Like where to the support rods anchor on the bumper. Do they go all the way through to the bumper beam?


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It works too! I can really feel a difference above 70mph or so. It's quite deep two, about 2 feet. So it covers a huge section
of the underside of the front end. Then I have it custom mounted to my Rally Armor undertray/skid plate. This large flat area
should even out airflow underneath.

Whiteline roll center kit.jpg
Whiteline rear anti-sway bar and end links.jpg
Cusco triangle chassis (trunk) brace.jpg
Under engine photo with the new Whiteline anti-swa.jpg
A friendly warning, in case you were not aware ;-).jpg


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Hey Grinder, didn't we have a bunch of PM's back and forth about this time last year when I installed
the APR splitter? I think I sent you an email or two maybe with a MS Paint bitmap with basic install
instructions. Check and see if you've got that stuff still. If not, I can draw up another one.

APR doesn't give you any instructions really. It's really a pain in the ass custom job, especially if you're
by yourself. Having a friend nearby, even if to do nothing else but help hold things in place for measuring/
drilling, is highly recommended. I found also that, for the way I installed mine, the hardware that comes
with it doesn't cut it. I bolted mine to various different places in the underside of the plastic bumper. It's
so damn deep that, I also bolted it to the aluminum skid plate I have, which gives it much more structural
support. The support bars, I only have attached to the bumper plastic and not all the way into the bumper
beam. It may sound flimsy, but if you do a good job, it'll be fine. I've had my STi up to about 130mph with
and without the supports attached with no issues.


Track Monkey
That sounds familiar!

Since i dont have the U-brace there seem to be precious few places to bolt things under the engine. I have the undertray in there now, but it isnt required to deal with any significant loads, especially cantilevered ones! I'm thinking of dropping an L-bracket down from the bumper-beam bolt location, but we'll see how that works out when i get the time!


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I guess I'm not sure what you mean by the U-brace. I'm guessing my (04) undercarriage is different that your's (07)?

Also, when the weather get's nicer, I think my next mini-project is going to be putting the car up on jack stands, sliding underneath with my creeper and dremel cutting a couple strategically placed holes in my skid plate, allowing me to access the Oil Plug and Oil Filter without removing a million bolts to drop the plate and splitter. That becomes super annoying when changing the oil.


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I'm liking it so far... A well balanced list of mods :tup:

I like the APR splitter. That was the one thing missing on my car when I had it.


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I'm liking it so far... A well balanced list of mods :tup:

I like the APR splitter. That was the one thing missing on my car when I had it.

Thanks buddy! Between buying and installing the APR splitter, I sort of lost confidence in
it's ability to make a noticeable handling difference on my Subie.

I'll tell you what though, boy was I wrong. It seriously sucks the front end to the pavement
beyond 60-70mph. High speed understeer is almost completely gone (though I'm sure it's partially
due to how I have the shocks and sways adjusted) and it seems to induce just a bit of
oversteer which is great. I can't wait to have some serious track time with it installed so I can
make some more tweaks. I'm guessing though, that for total stability, the factory wing will go back
on for track days.


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I've actually been looking at the GTC-200. The whole reason I took the factory wing off was to be a little more
under the radar. I get eye fucked a lot, especially by the cops. It's crazy, I took the wing off and I feel like I blend
into traffic so much more.

So I've been trying to get a good look at how the GTC-200 is mounted. I figure, IF I can permanently mount the
base for the wing on the trunk lid, but unbolt the entire upper, only putting it on when I'm on the track, that'd be

I was reading specs on the GTC-200 last night and it said it provides 1084 Newtons @ 120 MPH (about 240 pound-force
units on the rear end) which is AWESOME!

I just want to be able to remove it quickly because I will NOT roll around like that daily.



Track Monkey
HEH, you're welcome, G !

He lives!

I have the GTC-200 (formerly 35r's!!!). I have it off for daily driving, and only put it on for those "rice" days and the track. What pics do you need?

It's 4 holes in the trunk. I cover them most days with a TINY piece of electrical tape and its almost impossible to see on the black car. When i want to put the wing on, it takes maybe 15-20 min by myself, and you can shave a few min off if you have someone helping.

it looks like pure sex (this is with a custom riser...usually its lower than that, even with the optional 2.5" risers:

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